Bedford Venture Partners is a private investment partnership focused on early and growth-stage investments in software and internet-enabled service companies. Our investment philosophy:


We back great management teams with deep domain expertise and a hunger to revolutionize a market.  Every plan is an educated guess. We're looking for teams with the courage and experience to act and the humility to adapt. 


We're focused on businesses that can grow to profitability (if not already so) in the near term (12-24 months). This gives everyone - investors, founders and employees - the flexibility to control their destiny.


We look for companies attempting to disrupt huge markets with innovative technology and capture the dislocated value chain.

We Love ...

Capital efficient businesses with recurring revenue. 

Our Role

We are active in our companies - as board members, advisers and members of the executive management team. Our experience and relationships help companies scale and accelerate their maturation.